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Tony Fats
Security Guard for Faerie
Tony Fats.png
Species: Fairy Godfather


Gender: Male
Status: Unknown
Appearances: Once Upon a Crime

Tony Fats is a fairy godfather and the possessive ex-boyfriend of Bess. He works alongside Bobby Screwball, forming the primary protection detail for Faeries and the Royal Family therein.

Arc in Story

Tony Fats bars the Grimm family and their friends as they try to take a severely injured Puck to his family. Before the situation can turn ugly, Mustardseed intervenes and takes the family to see his mother. After Titania flies into a rage and causes carnage in the Golden Egg, Tony's girlfriend Bess leaves him as he failed to save her, turning her eyes to her savior Ernest Hamstead, leaving Tony jealous.

Before the Grimms and their friends can leave New York, Tony seizes the opportunity to physically fight with Hamstead as he thinks the former mayor of Ferryport Landing is stealing his girlfriend away from him. As the fight starts to turn against Hamstead, he grabs Tony's magic wand and turns it on the godfather, metamorphising him into a rat which quickly scurries away.