Three Cinderella Mice
Cinderella's assistants
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Species: Everafters


Gender: Male
Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors
Malcolm, Alexander, and Bradford are three Everafters that reside in Ferryport Landing, being the assistants of Cinderella Baxter. They were her mice friends, though they can also take the form of a human. The three assist in the making of the Dr. Cindy Show, a radio advice show hosted by Cinderella. Malcolm is the show's producer, Alexander is the sound engineer, and Bradford fields the phone calls. In the fifth book, the mice help Cinderella's husband, Tom Baxter, in stealing the Wand of Merlin, the Wonder Clock, and a vial from the Fountain of Youth to combine the magical objects to make Baxter young forever.