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    (Because the GIFs won't load and my posts are always cut off mid-word :) OHMYGOD, I'M EVEN SORRIER. I've literally had no time and I've been getting really stressed out about the fact that I'm not stressed about my exams. I don't even know why the stress is affecting me so much because I don't feel stressed but then I realised that I had spent nearly an hour in the crammed History cupboard under the stairs (which I've named Harry's bedroom) at school and sat there surrounded by pictures of dictators throughout history whilst listening to 'My Heart Will Go On' on repeat until I cried. Which I did. For a long while.

    Yeaaaaah... I don't even know why that happened, but I highly recommend it if you ever get too stressed :D . 

    Oh, that sounds like a pleasant experience. Haha, I hope you're not ill any more and that it hasn't affected your busy month too badly - I have to say, that was a beautifully detailed graphic explanation of the relationship between your nose and a tissue.

    ^This is not a GIF, I've just found out and I am now despairing becuase it would have been an swesome GIF :(


    This is where I am soooo envious of the American syllabus - I would LOVE to learn about the Odyssey because my absolute favourite thang is Ancient History, but over in Britain we have The Great Gatsby on the syllabus instead. And the Education Secretary has just announced that he's getting rid of classics such as Steinbeck and Harper Lee from the curriculum, which just so happen to be the only American books on the syllabus anyway :S Just...why? Why America are you so much more awesome in your English lessons???

    Aww, Beneduck Cumberquack always makes me smile and I will listen to him - as soon as exams are over, I'll start on Supernatural and the movies in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER as I've been ordered to do ;) Aww, thank you so much!!!

    Hopefully I've done well becuase it will be a crappy birthday gift if I haven't :S

    Eh, fair enough - I just hope you'll get to try wedding cake at least once in your life because it is the best thing the world has ever seen - it's so creamy and beautiful and I would just marry the cake instead. I'm kinda wishing I was in your place right now because I've just come back from the second part (I don't even know why there was two parts) of my cousin's wedding party, 3/2 months after her first one and it. was. manic. Oh, I brought a book to this one - this one lasted for so long, I was all for curling up in a corner and pretending I was somewhere else.

    Wow, they actually do have a GIF for everything - I'm so doing that the next time the camera is on me because I've now resorted to staring down the cameraman until he gets the focus off of me so I could just eat already. Haha, I've tried photobombing, but I'm so short that I never (mysteriously) appear in the photos I've killed. Adorable? Oh, stawp! You're making me blush again!

    Ooooh, that would have scared me so much - especially if the battery was fully charged and the majority of the piece was already caught on camera to begin with. But at least someone else recorded it so you could hate on your camera a little less. That is the best position to be in - snack ladies are always so lucky 'cause they're like "It's my job to buy food." Haha, that's the best cake-related drama I've ever heard - really, cake-decoratey people? Must you spoil the cake like so? I do see where they are coming from though but still, wow. Hehe, at least you managed to fix it though - I think I'd be laughing too much to ice anything nicely ;)

    Haha, my mum's terrified of snakes - terrified to the point that she makes us change the channel if there is a snake on tv or she'll leave the room if we're to lazy to reach the remote. It's something to do with her childhood and when she was swimming in a lake and snake brushed past her face and she thought she would die and just, yeah. Anyway, that was an AWESOME journey through th height of the Supernatural cast - NO FRICKIN' way is that guy taller than Benedicle Cumberband. He must be like, huge? And then the guy who plays his brother must be mahuuusive! I feel for the short guy though - but that is an awesome GIF and now I really want to watch Supernatural so I might just start doing that and use you as my fan-girl outlet when I fall in love with the characters and when one, nay, many of them just die!!!

    Dammit, that is a smile from which I can glean nothing. I will cry tears of shame and misfortune if Carlowe doesn't last and please, please, please I hope Gus gets someone too because his Pluto pickup line is so awesome.

    But how could you not love Legolas?? He squints so magnificently and his jawline and dimples are so cute and now I have to mention Orlando Bloom's cheekbones because I've started hyperventilating. Legolas is beauty!!!!

    Haha, it's Dame, I've just discovered. I don't think that the idea of the Queen blessing women with their Ladyhood is ever going to catch on, unfortunately.

    Yeah, I agree with Lady Gaga - like the meat dress isn't making girls feel the need to dress themselves in meat like their role model, but yeah there's Rhianna who is another Miley in terms of the way girls look up to them. Like People: they are not symbols of female liberation - they are making us go backwards so men can view girls as slabs of meat again. Haha, I'm glad that there is at least one other person who thinks that society is all screwed up, because it only seems to get worse as the years go by.

    I totally agree - I kind of almost don't what it to be a movie because they'll either do what they did with the Lemony Snicket 13-part-book-series and cram 3 books into one film (I will REFUSE to acknowledge the film if that happens) or they'll just slaughter it because no film stays true to the book anymore and so the plot will just die like Mr Seven did. And I wasn't ready for that either :( Yeah, I know what you mean - I keep forgetting that they are as young as they are because I also imagined them a few years older. Which I think they would d, provided they don't age up too much like Percy Jackson - he is supposed to be 12 and he looks 17. And the actors have to be able to act too because this is the one book series that I just think needs a perfect movie version. Oh yeah, and thank you for your edit on the Twilarose page :)

    Okay - another really random question, just for the sake of randomity - how do you feel about beauty pageants for kids? I ask this because I just found a picture of an...adorable kid whilst searching for GIFs...

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    • OH GOSH. I AM THE MOST SORRY PERSON OF ALL. I AM SO SORRY. School ended, and then things got CRAZY busy (I'm taking summer dance classes at new places, marching band is starting up, and I got dragged to a bunch of soccer, erm, football practices, there was a power outage-esque problem, I didn't touch Wikia at all for a whole week because I literally didn't want to get online because it was so much effort), and lots of things happened and I AM SO SORRY. Plus, for some reason, I haven't been on the computer much recently and I AM SO SORRY. I haven't even rewatched Psych or Sherlock, even though the newer seasons were put on Netflix and I AM STILL SO SORRY.

      Awww, that sounds awful, and for some reason, slightly therapeutic. I would try that, but I don't think that I have a staircase that would work well... I could try it under my basement stairs, but I don't think that I would be the same, because it's not really a cupboard, just an empty little spot. :P

      Yeah, I am definitely feeling better now. Allergy season had passed, so that's definitely a plus. :P Oh gosh, that would have made an amazing GIF. Also, this is really random, but how do you pronounce GIF? Do you say all the letters separate, like 'G-I-F'? Do you say it like 'jiff'? Or do you say it like 'gift', except without he 't'? Everyone on the internet seems to think that it is pronounced the last way, but I disagree!! What is your input on this matter of international dispute? :P

      Holy wow, I didn't even know that that GIF was from Games of Thrones. xD BOOYAH.

      Oh wow, my siblings did the Great Gatsby for their AP English Literature and Composition (or APELC) course last year. WOAH, they are getting rid of Steinbeck and Harper Lee?? That's awful! I have to read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' for next year's curriculum, and my sibling's also did 'The Grapes of Wrath' in APELC. Well, at least you can still read them even if they aren't on the syllabus...

      Beneduck Cumberquack. xD Supernatural is on the top of my list as well, along with a bunch of other things... I know that I eventually need to watch 'The Office' (US version). I would watch the UK version, but it doesn't have Steve Carell in it, it has Ricky Gervais in it, and I can't stand his acting. I'm not sure why, but he just bugs me. :P Plus, US version has Steve Carell. Steve Carell = Epic Win.

      Ehehe, I should just order a wedding cake and skip the wedding. xD Wait, there were 2 parts? Whaaa-? That's strange.. Was there another cake??

      I have never actually intentionally photobombed someone.. Ehehehe, though, that reminds me, someone did photobomb my sister at her graduation last week. xD It was pretty funny. I'm actually really tall (5'8") and incredibly thin, which is rather annoying. I essentially look like either a beanpole or a giraffe. xD

      I know, I would love to be a snack lady. It would literally be my job to purchase junk food!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? xD Honestly, they should make cake decorator takes mandatory spelling tests once a month, or something. If you are going to be decorating something, you should know the differences between 'your' and 'you're'. Also, they should know how to spell 'congratulations'.

      Seriously, though.

      Oh gosh, I would be afraid of snakes as well, if that were me. I swear, every time that I go to the beach and swim in the water, I have a panic/screaming/splashing fit because something touched my leg. xD

      Yeah, the taller guy is 6'4", and the other one is 6'1". I swear, I love the cast of that show more than I love the cast of Psych. :P They are just so much more dynamic and funny and adorable and OH GOD I WANT TO HUG THEM ALL. I am SO going to watch that show. I'm probably going to have to start watching it in August, though, cause I am way too busy to binge watch until then. xD Also, I think that it's hilarious that this show has become a cult classic, and it hasn't even finished airing...

      Yeah, Legolas does have amazing squints and dimples and jaw, but his character is annoying. If I want to see his dimples and cheekbones with a good character, I'll just watch Pirates of the Caribbean. :P

      Dangit, being blessed with Ladyhood would be awesome... I guess the Queen disapproves. :P

      I completely agree, our society is just getting more and more screwed up by the minute. I wish that there was a 'reset' button. It would fix all the pointless crap that is happening right now. (and I would fix the American political system - this stuff is messed up here)

      I completely agree, I would shun the film and everything related to it. Oh gosh, don't get me started on Percy Jackson. I'm not a fan of the books and I am still mad with what they did. HOW ON EARTH COULD THEY SCREW UP THAT BADLY. That movie was just so bad, I'm surprised that they bothered with a sequel. Which I heard was even worse.. Apparently, the only good thing about it was Nathan Fillion. Then again, he's just awesome.

      Gah, I have mixed feelings about children's pageants, but most of them are just bad. I know that some pageants can help with self-confidence, but the one in that picture is not one of them. I am almost 99.99999999999% certain that that picture is from the atrocity TV show 'Toddlers and Tiaras', which is essentially about a bunch of self-centered, pigheaded, young mothers completely sexualizing their 3-6 year old little girls just for money. It's sad, really, the way that they are dressing doing that. It's just another problem in our already screwed up world. The moms are teaching their daughters how to overly sexualize themselves, and if they are dressing that way at 5, how do you think they'll be dressing and acting in their teens? Plus, it's only reinforcing in girls' minds that outward beauty is the most important thing, as well as the typical 'you have look a certain way' belief that TV, movies, and even toys like Barbie have all been reinforcing...

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    • Haha, I think we'll both have to accept we're both incredibly sorry - I've literally been away from Wikia too because I've been doing everything else on the computer instead and I have just been wasting time doing nothing as the countdown to my results day nears :D Ooh, dance class? That sounds fun - your life does sound crazy busy, ESPECIALLY so if you haven't rewatched Psych or Sherlock ;)

      It was strangely, beautifully therapuetic XD Oh I pronounce GIF much like the President of America:

      As in gift without the't'. I didn't even know that GIF could be pronounced as a G.I.F though admittedly now it does seem glaringly obvious. How do you pronounce it?

      Yep, they've got rid of the Steinbeck and Harper Lee from the curriculum and now they've also got rid of the Education Secretary altogether now too so God knows what this country's education is coming too. And I realise I sound like an old lady when I say that but I wish we would revert back to the times when the classical classic old novels would be studied. And I'm close to ranting now so I'm just gonna shut up.

      I've just started watching Supernatural and I'm getting excited because it looks AMAZING and I've only watched about two episodes and I'm getting all giddy because there are so many episodes to watch and the cast looks so awesome and I'm just going to watch another episode right now. THERE LISTERALLY IS A GIF FOR EVERYTHING AND I LOVE THE CHARACTERS OF DEAN AND SAM. Yeah, I've never seen The Office over here precisely because of Ricky Gervais - his acting skills are atrocious and every time he tries to be funny I just cringe and cry internally.

      Haha, there was another cake but it was one of those ridiculous 'petite dining' thingamabobs that was essentially the size of a person's palm. I'd like to say I'm done with weddings or the long run, but there may be a few more coming up in my family...hopefully :)

      Ehehe, that sounds like a great graduation photo :D I AM SO JEALOUS - I seem to have shrunk in the past year and so where I thought I was 5'3", I've actually found I'm 5'1" :( I have never been more upset over anything in my life.

      Oh wow, that' You'd think you'd have to actually know how to spell in order to be charged with icing cakes but evidently not. Oh and they should know when to use 'they're', 'their' and 'there' though I can't imagine why you'd want that on a cake.

      ^That's a creepy GIF^

      Haha, the political system in general world-wide could do with a clean-up - Megamind seems to have right idea;) Mmm, Bloom IS better as Will Turner, I agree with that but Legolas can use a bow and arrow and I don't know why but I find that awesomely awesome.

      Yeah, I'm not a massive fan of the Percy Jackson books because I love ancient mythology and there a a heck of a lot of discrepancies with characterisation in the series but seriously, if you're going to make a film based on a much loved series, at least do it justice. Another film I'm kinda wary about is an upcoming release by Disney - it's called ' Descendants' and it basically is centred on the kids of much loved Disney Characters. This could be awesome, but it also has the potential to spoil the previous Disney films for me.

      Huh, I was completely against beauty pageants until you pointed out that some can help with self-confidence. I literally have nothing to say about why I'm so against them becuase you've already pointed out the obvious, demeaning issues with the whole process. I don't really think we have any serious beauty pageant type things like America does but even so, I hate how it basically enstills a notion into the minds of those young girls, making them think they need all the glamour and tack to be beautiful. Like the other day I read how this 8 year old had Botox done so she'd be even more pretty and her mother was all proud and I just shook my head in shame.

      Okay, another random question - have you ever seen Tom and Jerry? (There is a reason why I'm asking this which will be revealed in the next post).

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