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The Wonder Clock
Wonder Clock.jpg
Owners: Morgan le Fay

Tom Baxter

Fairy Tale: The Wonder Clock
Author: Howard Pyle
Usage: Allows time travel 12 hours into the past.
Potent when combined with other magical items; creates time-machine that brings back youth.
Status: Destroyed
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors

It's kind of a time machine.
~ Morgan Le Fay, from Magic and Other Misdemeanors

The Wonder Clock is a magical item that was said to be found in the attic of Father Time in the story by Howard Pyle. Pyle wrote that at each hour the clock told stories. However, in the series, as Morgan le Fay reports, the Wonder Clock can also let a person travel twelve hours back into the past. Le Fay said that it was "very handy when you accidentally say yes to two dates on the same night", as she has a certain magic over men. The Wonder Clock was stolen from Le Fay's possession in the fifth book of the series and she turned to the Grimm family for help.

Magic and Other Misdemeanors


Le Fay's clock was stolen by a human named Tom Baxter. At a party organized by the Grimm family, Tom snuck

The Wonder Clock, shown on the back of Magic and Other Misdemeanors

one of three mice into Le Fay's handbag, which she brought back home. The mouse gnawed out of the bag and morphed into a human, then stole the Wonder Clock and brought it back to Baxter. Morgan le Fay turned to Relda Grimm for help solving the robbery - though Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, with the help of Puck, take on the mystery solo.


Tom Baxter combined the powers of the Clock with the Vial from the Fountain of Youth and the Wand of Merlin so he could roll back the years and be the same age as his Everafter wife, Cinderella. However, the process of combining such powerful magical items caused tears in time: storms that could whisk things to a different time period. Once Tom got the three items to work, he was changed from an elderly age to "barely a day over twenty".


Even after Tom had gotten his worth from the items, the tears in time were so strong that it was threatening to destroy everything, as well as make Tom even younger than he had planned. To stop the chaos, Cinderella grabbed the clock and smashed it against the ground, effectively stopping the tears in time and returning Tom to his natural old age.