The Widow
The Widow
Species: Crow
Gender: Female
Skin color: Black feathers
Eye color: Black
Appearances: The Unusual Suspects
The Council of Mirrors
The Widow is the Queen of the Crows and was written in Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen." The Widow can take the form of a gigantic crow or (presumably) a human.


The Widow has a scratchy, feminine voice and is a friend of the Grimms.


The Snow Queen

Ferryport Landing

The Widow is the Queen of the Crows still in Ferryport Landing and, unlike some of her flock, embraces new and modern things, such as learning English (instead of Crow-ish) and surfing the internet.

Physical Description

The Widow can come in a form of a huge black crow with bobbing eyes and beak. A black ribbon is tied to one of its legs.

The Unusual Suspects

In the second book, Relda Grimm instructs Puck to send the Widow to the Grimm house so she could ask questions about some crow feathers found at the crime scene in Ferryport Landing Elementary. Puck begrudgingly obeys, but pulls the Widow's tail feather in the process. The Queen of the Crows arrives and tells Relda that on the day of Mr. Grumpner's murder, several in her flock experienced a fifteen-minute black-out after hearing music and "woke up" in the school yard without remembering why or how they got there. She then warns Relda to beware of the Scarlet Hand, who left red handprints all over the house.


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