The Sisters Grimm Wiki
Bunny Lancaster
Wicked Queen
Species: Everafter
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Fairy Tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White (daughter)
William Charming (son in-law)
Atticus Charming (former son in-law)
Mirror (adopted son)
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Aliases: Wicked Queen
Bunny Lancaster
Status: Alive
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors
The Council of Mirrors

The Wicked Queen, or Bunny Lancaster, is a powerful magician. She is the creator of all the magic mirrors and the mother of Snow White. She was introduced at the end of the fifth book of the series.


Based on her visit to the Grimm family is book 5, it is clear that Bunny is a very powerful magician. She can create spells and fix and create magic mirrors. She makes the guardians for her mirrors by saying a strange language of words to a black blob and releasing the blob into the mirror. Her sends out her magic by making her hand glow scarlet. She once repaired a broken glass carousel for Sabrina with a wave of her hand.

Physical Description

"She was thin with brown hair and a pale complexion. Her lips were full and her eyes green. She wore a little black dress, pearls, and high-heeled shoes...Sabrina knew only one person that was more beautiful than this woman and that was Snow White." ~description of Bunny Lancaster

The Wicked Queen is a very beautiful woman. This matches the story of Snow White, where she was the "fairest of them all" until Snow White surpassed her beauty. She dresses very sophisticatedly.


Snow White

Snow White is the daughter of The Wicked Queen. Snow clearly believes that Lancaster tried to kill her and is horrified when seeing her in the Grimm's house in book 5. In the fairy tale, it's unclear what Bunny's real motives were; when Daphne accused her of trying "to kill Snow White," and Lancaster replies that she "didn't try to kill her."

"Any fool knows a romantic kiss will break a sleeping spell...I invented this spell." ~Lancaster

Again, it is not clear whether Lancaster tried to kill Snow White in the fairy tale. The quote above suggests that she saved her daughter. In book 9, it comes out that Bunny was actually protecting Snow. Snow White was supposed to marry a wicked prince, named Atticus. Bunny hated Atticus, and to change her daughter's fate, she decided to rewrite the story of Snow White. That was possible because of the Book of Everafter, which allowed her to make changes to the story. Bunny changed the story many times, but in vain. Finally, Bunny realized that the story needed a villian, to replace Atticus. In order to save her daughter, Bunny became the villian, since she only trusted herself to do so. The 9th book includes a part when Bunny tells Snow the truth. She even states in her book that her actions as The Wicked Queen were diabolical, although, she was most likely being sarcastic.

William Charming

The Wicked Queen's relationship with

Charming: friends with Bunny?

Charming is not clear either. Logically, Charming should be enemies with her since she tried to kill Snow White, his former fiance. Of course, we're not even sure if she tried to kill Snow. Charming invited Lancaster to the Grimm's home so she could fix Mirror. She did arrive, so there is obviously some connection between the two.

In Book 9, Bunny reveals that in the original story of Snow White, Charming’s older brother Atticus (a cruel and abusive prince) was engaged to Snow yet he abused her daily. Bunny tried changing the story with the book of Everafter, but failed every time. She finally wrote herself as the villain and trapped Atticus in the margins. She then rewrote William Charming (whom she claimed was a lazy, and reckless womanizer before) to be the charming and heroic yet arrogant and snobbish prince we know today. This left Charming confused, and angry at Bunny since she wrote him to be who he was today, which left him not knowing who was anymore. Bunny was unfazed by this, simply replying that she did what she had to. It is unknown what their relationship status is now.

The Grimm Family

"Sabrina never seen her grandmother react that way to anyone. Where was the smile? Where was the sweet hello?" ~Granny Relda's attitude towards Bunny.

It's also unknown whether the Wicked Queen sides with the Grimms or not, though it is most likely that she is neutral in that subject. However, she did give the Grimms suspicion when discovering Goldilocks was out of the Ferryport Landing border. It's shown that Relda holds a grudge to her, most likely because she allegedly tried to kill Snow White. Sabrina disliked Bunny by the way she treated Mirror. The Grimms apparent grudge seems to have diminished after learning Bunny’s true intentions when regarding her and Snow White’s story. Although Bunny was annoyed when Sabrina almost called her a crone.


  • In Daphne’s Coven of Three, Bunny represented the “The Innocent,” for she was actually innocent when regarding the crimes she allegedly committed against Snow, as she only did them to protect Snow. However, Baba Yaga stated she was "not a true innocent", making Bunny the Temptress and Daphne the Innocent.