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The Grimm Family
The Grimm Family.png
The Grimm Family Tree as shown in A Very Grimm Guide


Basil Grimm (blood)†
Relda Grimm (married)†
Henry Grimm (blood)
Veronica Grimm (married)
Jacob Grimm II (blood)
Sabrina Grimm (blood)
Daphne Grimm (blood)
Basil Grimm Jr. (blood)
Puck (adopted, later married)
Alison Grimm (blood)
Emma Grimm (blood)
Little Red Riding Hood (adopted)
Mr. Canis(adopted)
Elvis (adopted)

Peter Grimm (blood)†
Alison Grimm (married) †
Edwin Grimm (blood)†
Matilda Grimm (blood)†
Chloe Grimm (blood)†

Josef Grimm (blood)†
Anna Grimm (married)†
Vesta Grimm (blood)†
Trixie Grimm (blood)†

Spaulding Grimm (blood)†
Jane Ella Grimm (married)†
Douglas Grimm II (blood)†

Douglas Grimm I (blood)†
Delores Grimm (married)†
Thomas Grimm (blood)†
Dessie Grimm (blood)†

Wilhelm Grimm (blood)†
Henrietta Grimm (married)†

We are Grimms and this is what we do
~ The Grimms, from Entire Series

The Grimm Family are a family of fairy-tale detectives, their earliest known ancestors being Wilhelm Grimm and his brother, Jacob. The two, known as the Brothers Grimm, are famed for their documentation of the lives of Everafters, though ignorant humans beings refer to the written history as 'fairy tales' The rest of the Grimm family, all the way up to Alison and Emma Grimm, are descended from Wilhelm Grimm (Jacob Grimm stayed in Germany, where the blood Grimms actually originate from).

Due to Relda Grimm's compassionate nature, many Everafters were adopted into the Grimm family. However, the majority of the Everafters view those characters as traitors for being involved with the Grimms. Mr. Canis, Red, Pinnochio and Puck are all adopted into the family, though Puck's tie to the family is later strengthened through his marriage to Sabrina.


Because of growing tension and conflicts between Everafters and humans, Wilhelm Grimm bought 5 miles of land just off of New York City. There he sailed with Everafters on a ship called The New Beginning and established the town Ferryport Landing for Everafters to live in. Some Everafters soon became a threat to neighboring humans, so Wilhelm and Baba Yaga set up a Barrier around Ferryport Landing in which Everafters would be trapped inside. At least one Grimm had to be in Ferryport Landing at all times, and the Barrier would vanish only if the Grimm family dies out. The entrapment the Barrier brought resulted in a lot of the Everafters resenting the family, some viewing the famiily as the bane of their existence of unpopularity to the Grimms.

Wilhelm's grandson is Spaulding Grimm and Sabrina's great-great-great-grandfather. The next Grimms mentioned in the series are the family members are Matilda, Edwin, and Basil Grimm. Basil Grimm met a woman named Relda at age 26 at a bar in Berlin, Germany. They married and had two children: Jacob and Henry Grimm. Both brothers left town after Basil's tragic death, and Henry met Veronica in New York City, where they marry and have two daughters, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, also known as the Sisters Grimm.

In Book Seven it is revealed that before the series began, Veronica was pregnant with a son, whom she gave birth to while under a sleeping spell. They later name the baby Basil Grimm Jr.

The current, alive and known Grimms are Sabrina Grimm, Daphne Grimm, Granny Relda, Jacob Grimm, Henry Grimm, Veronica Grimm, and Basil Grimm Jr. The Grimms are all fairy tale detectives, dedicated to solving dangerous and life threatening cases. Their commonly used catchphrase is, "We are Grimms. This is what we do." The family has resided in the same house for many years.

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