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Satin Surgeon's Salve
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Owners: Jacob Grimm II
Fairy Tale: The Olive Fairy Book
Author: Andrew Lang
Usage: Used for medicinal purposes; to heal anything and everything possible
Appearances: The Problem Child

Satin Surgeon's Salve - Now with a lemony fresh scent!
~ Label on the salve, from The Problem Child

Satin Surgeon's Salve is an item of medicinal magic in the possession of Jacob Grimm. It appeared in book 3, chapter five when Jacob Grimm healed his niece's broken arm.

Physical Appearance

...Icky black ointment that smelled like backed-up sewage
~ Sabrina's observation of the Salve, from The Problem Child

The Surgeon's Salve is a black-colored ointment that smelled awful, despite its label. It is stored in a small round tin.

The Olive Fairy Book

Jacob r

The Olive Fairy Book by Andrew Lang.

eports that the Salve was mentioned in Andrew Lang's The Olive Fairy Book. In the story, a princess saved the life of a man she loved. "The rumor is she got the salve from Cupid himself," said Jacob Grimm.


Apparantly, the Satin Surgeon's Salve can heal injuries, such as a broken arm, and possibly even save someone from death, as it did in its fairy tale.