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The Scarlet Hand
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Sabrina Grimm
Fairy-tale Detective
Species: Human (formerly)
Gender: Female
Age: Born: 1998
11 (as of The Fairy-Tale Detectives)
12 (as of Magic and Other Misdemeanors)
25 (as of the first epilogue)
41 (as of the second epilogue)(though she may have halted aging)
Puck (Husband)
Alison Grimm (Daughter)
Emma Grimm (Daughter)
Henry Grimm (Father)
Veronica Grimm (Mother)
Daphne Grimm (Sister)
Basil Grimm Jr. (Brother)
Mr. Canis (Housemate and friend)
Relda Grimm † (Grandmother)
Basil Grimm † (Grandfather)
Jacob Grimm II (uncle)
Red Riding Hood (Adopted Sister)
Unnamed Nieces/Nephews
Titania (Mother-in-law)
Oberon † (Father-in-law)
Mustardseed (Brother-in-law)
Peter Grimm † (Great Grandfather)
Alison Grimm I † (Great Grandmother)
Chloe Grimm † (Great Aunt)
Edwin Grimm † (Great Uncle)
Matilda Grimm † (Great Aunt)
Josef Grimm † (Great-Great Grandfather)
Anna Grimm † (Great-Great Grandmother)
Trixie Grimm † (Great Aunt once removed)
Vesta Grimm † (Great Aunt once removed)
Spaulding Grimm † (Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Jane Ella Grimm † (Great-Great-Great Grandmother)
Douglas Grimm II † (Great Uncle twice removed)
Douglas Grimm I † (Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Delores Grimm † (Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother)
Dessie Grimm † (Great Aunt thrice removed)
Thomas Grimm † (Great Uncle thrice removed)
Wilhelm Grimm † (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Henrietta Grimm †(Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother)
Jacob Grimm † (Great Uncle four times removed)
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Aliases: 'Brina
Queen of Sneaks
Piggie, Stinky (by Puck)
Bubble head (by Puck)
Donkeyface (by Puck)
Starfish (by Mirror)
Liebling (by Relda Grimm)
Status: Alive
Appearances: "The Fairy-Tale Detectives"
"The Unusual Suspects"
"The Problem Child"
"Once Upon a Crime"
"Magic and Other Misdemeanors"
"Tales from the Hood"
"The Everafter War"
"The Inside Story"
"The Council of Mirrors"

Sabrina Grimm is the main protagonist of The Sisters Grimm series. After the disappearance of her parents, Sabrina and her sister, Daphne, enter foster care. Sabrina and  Daphne eventually are put into the care of their grandmother and start to follow the family business. Sabrina is initially reluctant to become a fairy-tale detective, but after her visit to Faerie, she soon embraces the role.


Sabrina Grimm lived in New York City on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for the first nine years of her life. Due to her father's bitterness to Everafters, Sabrina and her sister were clueless of their heritage and were banned from reading fairy tales. When her parents mysteriously disappeared, she and her sister were sent to an orphanage, a crazy lady called Ms. Smirt and multiple foster homes and foster parents. Most of these foster parents were crazy lunatics, so Sabrina spent her time protecting Daphne from the harshness of reality, growing up too fast herself in the process

Sabrina's past is brought to light in the first chapter of The Fairy-Tale Detectives, where she remembers that she had rushed home with her report card and had taped it to the refrigerator for everyone to see, being proud of the grades that she had achieved. Her parents hadn't arrived home yet, and she did not find any reason to think that anything was wrong until Daphne's teacher called to ask why no one had picked the little girl up from kindergarten. The police and a social worker came three days later to take them to the orphanage, while the police searched for clues as to where their parents disappeared to, eventually finding nothing but a blood red hand-print on their abandoned car.

Finally, their case-worker brought them toFerryport Landing, where they are taken under the care of Relda Grimm, their grandmother. Relda tells them of the truth of the town and Everafters. Sabrina is extremely suspicious of her grandmother, as her father told her that she was dead,  whilst Daphne loves the old woman and is eager to take on the family business. Sabrina believes that Relda is just another crazy foster parent she must save Daphne from. After she begins to trust Relda, she starts to become a fairy-tale detective, which was when she also stars to mistrust Everafters, some of whom, she discovers, are responsible for her parent's kidnapping. This has a profound effect on Sabrina, as she spent the last year and a half believing that her parents abandoned her. She also really thinks Baba Yaga, an cannibalistic Everafter witch is going to eat her. Eventually, she overcomes her prejudice, and by the end of the fourth book, she fully accepts her role as a fairy-tale detective. She spends the series training to 'become a Grimm', and trying to find her parents; after they are discovered, she aids her family in identifying the Master; and the series ends with her overcoming the Master herself.


Sabrina full length

Sabrina is described as sarcastic, headstrong and brave. Sabrina is also capable of being impulsive. She has a deep distrust for Everafters as her parents were kidnapped by them. As the series progresses, she learns to trust them more - even accepting two into her family early on in the series. She feels very responsible for her sister, Daphne, and is sometimes overprotective, much to the annoyance of her sibling. She can be very stubborn and stands by what she believes to be right, even if anyone doubts her. Her relationship with her family can be very rocky, as she disagrees with their opinions and beliefs often, but she loves them. This is shown most blatantly as her relationship with Puck progresses as the series continues, even to perpetual marriage.

She has strong moral values, as is evident in Book 3 when she refuses her uncle's offer of gaining her 'happy ever after', as that would severely affect the Everafters at the price of her own happiness. This is also evident again in Book 3, when she sees that the Jabberwocky is close to hurting the Queen of Hearts, and although she doesn't like the woman, she cries out to her Uncle for help, as she doesn't wish her dead; even though earlier on in the book, Heart humiliated her family and incited an almost-attack. She doesn't trust people easily, as she has faced so much betrayal and heart-break in her life, but when she eventually trusts them, she loves and cares for them incredibly deeply, also being fiercely protective of them.

She doesn't differentiate between the blood Grimms and the ones adopted into her family, and has no indifference to the adoptees; one example of this is in Book 8, where Daphne, Puck and Sabrina are all stuck in the Book of Everafter, and it is stated that she didn't care for any of the characters other than Daphne and Puck - one being her blood family, the other being adopted (though the two are later married). She also accepts where she went wrong, although it may often take ages for her to realize that she was incorrect to begin with. As the series progresses, it becomes evident that Sabrina doesn't have much confidence in her own decisions, as she seems unable to realize her own strengths.

Physical Description[]

Sabrina has long blonde hair and blue eyes.  She also has a dimple on her right cheek, which she admires on the marionette Pinnochio had made of her in The Everafter War. Due to her athleticism, and also to her lack of care in various foster homes, she is of a slim build. She tends to wear anything but has proven to hate very embarrassing clothes, such as the ridiculous outfit that Mr. Canis buys her in the first book. She is not one to care about fashion or looks, except when she tried using make-up to improve her appearance in book six. However, after a heart-to-heart with Puck, she realizes she doesn't need the make-up. In book 9, she thinks of herself as a "card carrying member of the tom-boys club.", thus showing her lack of interest in what she wears, though when Mr Seven and Morgan Le Fay's wedding takes place, she does wish she had some nice clothes, so she could look pretty (leading the mirrors to tease her about Puck). Puck seems to be smitten with her looks, though he vehemently tries to act otherwise, such as during the wedding when Sabrina's clothes are transformed into a dress, leading him to exclaim "Wow!" at the sight of her. She is actually a very pretty girl, but does not think herself as such. In the future she is described as a beautiful blond-haired warrior.

Special Abilities[]

Sabrina Grimm has excellent detective skills, such as escaping, sneaking around, tracking, criminal psychology, and clue-finding. Sabrina is strong: "proud of her right hook" and "she had successfully arm wrestled every boy at the orphanage, even embarrassed janitors. She is very proud of this great accomplishment.

An attack in armour

Unlike her sister, Sabrina can't use magic; she is "touched," or addicted to it. Sabrina likes to think of herself as the "Queen of Sneaks" due to her ability to escape orphanages and other sticky situations. She gained this ability by learning to escape from many eccentric foster families. She is shown to be pretty athletic and seems to have a very high pain threshold, allowing her to ignore broken arms and pounding headaches in the heat of battle. She shows remarkable cunning and is able to think on her feet in any situation, something that comes in handy. She has shown a large amount of raw talent in self defense and general fighting. She is able to knock down Beauty and the Beast's daughter Natalie with one punch, though the girl was much larger than her. She is also able to fight and win against Puck even though he is an *ahem* boy and more experienced in fighting. Despite all this, she seems unable to realize her abilities as others do, often criticizing herself on mistakes she makes without realizing the good things she did. She has also stated a jealousy of certain Everafters with powers such as Puck, thinking that his (Puck's) powers give him a fearlessness she wishes she had. She seems to have gotten over this bit in the third book saying being a Grimm makes her very powerful.


The Grimm Family[]

Daphne was the funniest person she had ever met.
~ Sabrina on Daphne, from The The Fairy-tale Detectives
Sabrina and Daphne have a relatively rocky relationship as sisters. Sabrina is very protective of her sister and feels responsible for her ever since the disappearance of their parents, making her grow up faster than is healthy for a 12 year old. This results in her often disregarding Daphne's opinion, or not thinking about what Daphne would want in the first place, instead focusing on what she thinks Daphne needs
Daphne Icon 2

Daphne Grimm

as she has grown into her role of her sister's protector. As the series progresses, Sabrina's over protective nature begins to grate on Daphne, even though she is only doing it for the good of Daphne.

Daphne brings out a softer and more vulnerable side to Sabrina, as it is mentioned numerous times that Sabrina only got to be as strong as she is, so she could protect Daphne from the instability of the orphanage and their various foster homes. She is Sabrina' literary foil, as she brings out traits in Sabrina's character that would not otherwise be seen. The two sisters do share a very strong bond and Daphne thinks that when they combine their skills "they make a good team".

The sisters' biggest feud occurred when Sabrina stole Daphne's key to the vault where the weapon against the Big Bad Wolf was stored, feeling her little sister was not responsible enough for it. As a result, Daphne stopped sharing a room with Sabrina and barely spoke to her. It took nearly a whole book (The Everafter War) for Daphne to forgive Sabrina, eventually resulting in her moving back into Sabrina's bedroom, commenting that Granny snores while she sleeps. In the two epilogues, the sisters are shown to have retained their close bond; during Sabrina's wedding, Daphne helps Sabrina gets dressed, whilst mentioning that she tried to track Puck but to no avail. It is most likely true that Daphne was Sabrina's maid-of-honour. In the second epilogue, it is also evident that the two share a close bond, and Sabrina writes in her journal fondly of Daphne and the twins that the latter has.

Hearing he mother's words was like a lifetime
~ Sabrina after Veronica praises her for all that she has done, from The Everafter War
Sabrina and Veronica shared a close relationship prior to her kidnapping, with Sabrina wanting to be like her mother when she grew up. Sabrina looked up to her mother and wanted to be exactly like her before Veronica was kidnapped. She was firstly bitter towards her mother (and father) as she was under the impression that the two had abandoned her and her sister. After finding out the truth behind their abduction, she spends the duration of the next few books doing everything she can to find her parents.
Veronica, Sabrina and Daphne

Veronica hugging her two daughters in the Jalopy, after she woke up from her enchanted sleep

After eventually finding them in their sleeping state, she frequently used to sleep by their side, missing them badly.

Sabrina is sporty and athletic like her mother and is described to look like her mother, having her high cheekbones, but having her father's blue eyes and blonde hair.

In Once Upon a Crime, however, Sabrina started to question her mother and her doings as she found out about Veronica's involvement inFaerie, feeling bewildered by her mother's secret life as she felt she knew her mother really well. She later finds her mother's purse, which she treasures as it was something that Veronica had held and eventually finds out that Oz Diggs had her mother's fairy-tale journal, which she goes to great lengths to procure. Sabrina also wishes for her mother's presence more than she normally does in Tales from the Hood, when she tries to apply make-up but does so unsuccessfully. She craves her mother's guidance as she starts to focus more on her appearance and notices boys more.

In The Everafter War, Veronica eventually awakens, hugging Sabrina fiercely. Veronica compliments Sabrina on how she looked after Daphne which made Sabrina feel proud. She also claps happily when Puck and Sabrina have another one of their 'moments' saying that Sabrina has her first boyfriend, much to her daughter's chagrin.

She had once thought of him as lovable but dull - a normal dad - but now he was thrilling.
~ Sabrina's thoughts on Henry as he accepts she's grown up, from The Everafter War
Sabrina had a fairly close relationship with her father, though she was surprised by what she learnt about him and his life. She was firstly bitter towards her father (and mother) as she was under the impression that the two

Henry explaining his past to Sabrina

had abandoned her and her sister. After finding out the truth behind their abduction, she spends the next few books doing everything she can to find her parents. After eventually finding them in their sleeping state, she frequently used to sleep by their side, missing them badly. Sabrina is described as having her father's blue eyes and blonde hair. He wasn't too happy when he woke up to find his daughters in the thick of battle and also involved with Everafters, which led to him having a strained relationship with the two upon waking. Eventually, after talking with Sabrina, he allowed them to stay, though he again tried to take them out of Ferryport Landing when the prophecy in The Council of Mirrors states that his daughters can defeat the Scarlet Hand. He later accepts that Sabrina and Daphne are more grown up than he gives them credit for, and that they have been through more than he can understand. He also remains incredulous at the relationship between Puck and Sabrina, though as the series advances, he seems to accept that there is a bond between the two, and he jokes about their marriage.

It's time to give me my grandmother back. I love her very much
~ Sabrina to Mirror, from The Council of Mirrors

Sabrina and
Relda Icon 2
Granny Relda's relationship had a rocky start, with the former believing the latter was an impostor, as her father had said that the sisters' grandmother was dead. This led to Sabrina believing that Relda was another crazy foster carer that that her and Daphne would inevitably have to escape from. Her feelings towards Relda were not helped when her grandmother started talking about fairy-tales and Everafters which only reinforced the idea in Sabrina's mind that her grandmother was crazy. She also didn't particularly take to her as Daphne believed the old lady's words and chose (in Sabrina's eyes) her grandmother who she had only known for a few days, over her sister, who had been with her for her entire life. After her grandmother was kidnapped by a giant, Sabrina believed Relda and felt remorse for the way she acted. She strove to rescue her grandmother, aided by Daphne, Puck and Jack and soon accepted her grandmother into her life. By the second book, Sabrina had established a relationship with her grandmother and was helping her
Relda hugging Sabrina

Relda hugging Sabrina whilst possessed by Mirror

grandmother with detective work, albeit reluctantly. Her grandmother wasn't too pleased with her prejudiced nature towards Everafters, which led to a small rift between the two, though this was quickly resolved by the end of The Unusual Suspects, when Sabrina realised her mistake.

There was also some tension evident in books 3 and 4, where, in The Problem Child, Sabrina had to cope with her addiction to magic which her grandmother heartily disapproved of, and in Once Upon a Crime, where Sabrina wanted to give up her role as fairy-tale detective. By Magic and Other Misdemeanors, however, Sabrina and Relda seem to have a good relationship, with the latter being praised by her grandmother for successfully passing her training. Their relationship again hits the rocks in Tales from the Hood, where Relda is disappointed with Sabrina's lack of faith in Mr. Canis. By the end of the book, Sabrina again realises her mistake, so their relationship again recovers.

The two share a good relationship in The Everafter War, with Relda crying when Daphne and Sabrina are about to go back to New York. In The Inside Story, Sabrina vows to rescue her grandmother after Mirror possess her body, and she and the rest of her family spend the entirety of the Council of Mirrors trying to defeat the Master and get Relda back.

By the first epilogue, Relda had passed away so she doesn't get to see Sabrina's almost wedding. Sabrina expresses a desire for her grandmother's presence, to which her father replies that she is watching from heaven, probably serving Grandpa Basil a weird squid and daffodil dish.

Coffee and a bit of Red

Jacob introduces Sabrina to coffee

Sabrina first met her Uncle in The Problem Child, prior to which she had no idea that he existed. He was introduced in the book earlier, when Sabrina receives flowers in her hospital room, from her Uncle Jake. Their first meeting was not particularly good, as it resulted in Sabrina, Daphne and Puck assaulting him to escape from the ruins of the Ferryport Landing Asylum, as they believed him to be a man with harmful intentions towards him. After the two are formally introduced, Sabrina becomes closer to her Uncle as they both share an addiction to magic, both being 'touched'. By the end of the book, Sabrina helps her Uncle realise that magic is not the key to happiness, nor does it necessarily equate power, coming to the same realisation herself moments before. As the series progresses, the two share a relatively close bond, acting as any normal uncle and niece would. She also grieves for him and for Briar, after the latter's death, and when she has a premonition in the Council of Mirrors, showing her Uncle's demise, she cries out and watches to see if he is safe.

See Puck-Sabrina Relationship for more details.

Puck was special to her. He was her first kiss; her first crush. There was no use denying it any more. Poisoned apples had spilled the beans.
~ Sabrina on her feelings for Puck, from The Inside Story

Ever since their meeting in book one, Puck has been antagonistic to Sabrina. Sabrina, in return, insults him regularly, leading to a mutual hatred that grew between the two, intensifying further, after Granny Relda invites Puck into the family. How
The part which gave me my name

Sabrina and Puck's first kiss

ever, as the series progresses, it is evident that the pair have some obvious romantic feelings for each others and signs of attraction were displayed as early as book two. The feelings are then blatantly brought to light in Book 3, where, after Sabrina admits that she cares about Puck, Puck taunts her and then he kisses her, showing that he has a crush on her. The ensuing punch in the gut afterwards makes sure that the kiss is never mentioned, though Sabrina walks away terrified by the prospect that she found the kiss nice. Puck likes to prank Sabrina constantly, but he is very protective of her, even going as far as to handcuff himself to her in book 6.

It is revealed in book 5 that Puck has been ageing for Sabrina. Everafters are immortal and can only grow older if they have a good reason to, such as a human romance. Still, he is horrified when he realises that he and Sabrina are married in the future, leading him to declare 'war' on Sabrina in Book 7. Eventually, after her almost death, he nearly cries and asks for her forgiveness.

Puck seems to constantly show off, though he does so especially in front of Sabrina. Sabrina mostly denies any attraction to Puck, to her family and to herself. It is not until book eight when she finally admits to herself that Puck is her first crush. In the Council of Mirrors, their romantic relationship is at it's the most evident as Puck even announces to Henry that he is going to marry Sabrina one day and the two dance hand in hand at Mr. Seven and Morgan le Fay's wedding.

Although Sabrina tells Puck that the future where the two are married most probably won't happen, the second epilogue shows the two married and with two kids.

See Sabrina Grimm and Mr. Canis for more details.

She gave him the tiny, imperceptible smiles Mr. Canis sent her to let her know he cared.
~ Sabrina overcoming Mirror with her love., from The Council of Mirrors

Sabrina and Mr. Canis did not have the best of starts with their relationship, as Sabrina was highly creeped out by the man who she says resembled a bag of skin and bones. After her grandmother explains the world of Everafters to the two sisters, Sabrina becomes furious with Relda and Mr. Canis both, as she believes they are playing some sort of elaborate joke on her. But to her horror, she realises that they were telling the truth, as she witnesses a giant kidnapping the two in the Jalopy. She then resolves to save the two as she had already lost one family in her parents and she will do everything she can to stop losing another.

As she beca
Canis Icon 2


me more familiar with the whole prospect of Everafters, she also started to become suspicious of Mr. Canis as she went through a phase of being prejudiced against them. However, she is shocked out of her misgivings after she witnesses the rage inside Mr. Canis being manipulated by Rumpelstiltskin. After the Wolf takes over, she watches in horror as the two fight with the cave that they are in collapsing around them. Relda drags her out, and the Grimm family and their friends watch as the school explodes, implodes and collapses, with Mr. Canis seemingly buried underneath it.

After Mr. Canis is revealed to be alive in The Problem Child, Sabrina is surprised yet concerned as she watches him slowly lose his grip on control over the family. Mr. Canis' condition worsens and although Sabrina is worried for him, she also worries for her family and the danger that they may face if the Big Bad Wolf takes control.

Upon a short excursion to a possible future in Magic and Other Misdemeanors, Sabrina discovers that Mr. Canis did eventually lose control, and nothing but the Wolf remains. When she and Daphne go back to the correct time, they reluctantly share what they have learnt about Mr. Canis with him, which prompts him to accept his arrest by the Scarlet Hand without any issues arising.

She helps the rest of the Grimm family find evidence that could prove his innocence for his joke of a trial, despite feeling that it would be better for them if the Wolf was behind bars. After his escape, she reveals to him that his name was actually Tobias Clay before the whole Wolf escapade occurred. She also helps free him of the Wolf via the Horn of the North Wind, and he is finally free of the beast which he had battled against for so long.

Mr. Canis stands along side Sabrina as the war between the Everafters rages on, offering advice, support and comfort to her whenever she needs it. It is also shown that he is still in close contact with her during the course of the two epilogues and that she regards him as a member of her family.

See Sabrina Grimm and Little Red Riding Hood for more details.

Sabrina first met

Little Red Riding Hood's introduction

Red in The Unusual Suspects, though she recognised her as Little Red Riding Hood in The Problem Child. She hated Red continuously throughout the book, blaming her for the kidnapping of her parents. Her loathing was further enhanced when Red set the Jabberwocky on the two sisters and their uncle, resulting in the dire injury of Puck. Sabrina was so enraged that, in a fit of pique, she was willing to kill Red with Merlin's Wand. However, Daphne stopped her. Again, her hatred towards Red continues to grow as she starts to have horrific nightmares where the Everafter is taunting her. Eventually, Red is captured, the Jabberwocky is killed and Sabrina is reunited with her parents, although they are still in their sleeping state.

Sabrina again meets Red in Tales from the Hood, where the Grimm family are trying to find evidence to save Mr. Canis. She is reluctant to approach the "lunatic" and later, when Red is adopted into the family be Relda, she reacts incredulously to the new addition.

She spends the remainder of the following books acting hostile to Red, though her hostility starts to deteriorate as she gradually accepts Red is not the same person she was when she was crazy, and therefore not the person responsible for her parents kidnapping and state of slumber. She is even shown to be proud of Red when she finds out that the little girl had been working with Mr. Canis to try and retrieve her memories, despite the fact the Canis visibly terrifies her. By the end of The Everafter War, Sabrina is shown to have accepted Red as a member of her family, when she looks around her dining room table and thinks of each of the members of the Grimm family.

She eventually manages to break down the wall between the two in The Council of Mirrors when Red brushes her hair in preparation for Morgan Le Fay and Mr. Seven's wedding; she then returns the favour by doing the same for her, acknowledging that she had acted the least kindly towards the girl out of all the people in the Grimm family.

Red is shown to be in contact with Sabrina during the two epilogues; she was in the bridal suite, helping Sabrina get dressed in a 'No Everafters Allowed' zone - it is said Red is as close to Sabrina as her own sister. Sabrina mentions her in her journal when she speaks of the yoga that Red had recommended for her stress.

Everafters and Miscellany[]

Mirror always made her feel better. She felt like she could tell him anything and he'd understand. In many ways, he was her best friend.
~ Sabrina on Mirror, from The Everafter War

Mirror and Sabrina had a close relationship before he was revealed as the Master, after which she hated him for his betrayal. In the first book, she wasn't too impressed with Mirror's theatrics (his protective strategy nearly burning her, Puck and Daphne) and she was also impatient with the rhyming strategy Mirror used to find an answer. Eventually, she came to trust Mirror, and it is stated that she even thought of him as an uncle of sorts.

When Charming and Bunny abuse Mirror, describing him as nothing more than a servant to the family that are his masters, Sabrina angrily defends him, referring to him as a member of the family. When Pinocchio's marionettes start to tear apart the house, Sabrina disobeys her mother when she is told to come back, saying she needs to check on Mirror as he is part of the family. After finding out about his betrayal, Sabrina was very hurt and shocked as she considered him to be a part of the family. Even at the end of his life, she couldn't bear to kill him, eventually giving him the one thing he craved the most: love.

See Sabrina Grimm and William Charming for more details.

I resent you for the future you represent
~ William Charming to Sabrina and Daphne, from The Fairy-Tale Detectives

Sabrina and Charming manage to irritate each other to no end. Initially, Sabrina believed him to be evil, though she was shocked to find him actually helping the Grimms. His conceited and insulting nature grates heavily on Sabrina throughout the series and the crux of the issue he has with her originates from the fact that she is a Grimm, which he seems to resent her for. However, his actions seem to prove otherwise, as even Sabrina admits he is usually there to save the family from whatever evil the town throws at them. His friendship with the Grimms humbles him some, and Sabrina is sometimes the only one willing to call him out on his jerk-like behaviour. Although the two annoy each other a lot, there are instance when only Sabrina's words have an affect on Charming, like in The Council of Mirrors when Charming is questioning his own existence. Although he claims to hate the Grimms, he saves them a number of times. Sabrina in turn helps him with his emotional state, also helping with the relationship between the Prince and Snow. He moves in with the Grimms for a short amount of time in Magic and Other Misdemeanors at Sabrina's request, after he came back from the future with the two sisters. He also goes on to lead the resistance against the Scarlet Hand, aligning himself with the Grimms and protecting them from the Hand.

Snow White profile

Snow White

Sabrina was initially wary of Snow White, who was introduced to the series in The Unusual Suspects, where Sabrina was going through a phase of being deeply prejudiced against all Everafters. The princess took a moment to explain prejudice to Sabrina, which started to send her on the way to realise that the actions of the many can not be judged by the actions of the few. Snow again features minorly in the series when she forces William Charming to apologise for turning against the Grimms at the new school's dedication. She later appears at the end of the book, when the magic keeping her immortal is stripped from her, making her wither with old age. As Sabrina watches on in horror, she learns that magic isn't the answer to everything, prompting her to wish for the Everafters well-being.

Snow White teaches Sabrina and Daphne kung-fu as part of their fairy-tale detective training in Magic and Other Misdemeanors. The two sisters also encounter her when she is being consoled by the other princesses that were romantically involved with Charming, leading to her being present when the were formed. She also comes to attend Sabrina's birthday party bringing a magnificent glass carousel with her. However, upon seeing Charming and her mother at the Grimm house, she flees. She spends the majority of the sixth book avoiding Relda, and even explains to Sabrina, Puck and Daphne that things aren't as simple in forgiveness. As Charming's trial proceeds, she makes her peace with the family and supports them, eventually escaping with the Sherwood Group, Mr. Canis and Charming to the mountains.

Her martial arts skills are put to use when Sabrina and her family encounter Snow at Fort Charming, where the princess ropes the two sister into helping out with the army without getting involved with the fight. Snow and Sabrina bond as she explains her relationship with Charming to the Grimm, and also explains how annoyed with herself she is for not being able to defend herself. She also supports Sabrina and Daphne in The Council of Mirrors, teaching them how to fight and also helping them put on a show to build up the Everafter's faith in them. Sabrina in turn helps Snow as the princess undergoes a startling revelation that rocks all she knows - Sabrina plays a pivotal role in helping Snow and Billy resolve their issues.

Snow White attends Sabrina's almost wedding to Bradley, therefore showing that the two have maintained contact as the years go by. It is also implied that Sabrina and Snow are in contact by the time of the second epilogue, as Sabrina writes in her journal how her job is stressful, including all the meetings with the mayor - Snow became Mayor of Ferryport Landing after the war and as Sabrina is a fairy-tale defense attorney, it is highly likely that the two work together often.

Sabrina and Moth feature together in Once Upon a Crime as that is the only book Moth is in. Moth takes an instant dislike to Sabrina and is wary of her relationship with Puck, as she is under the (correct) impression that there is something romantic between the two. Her dislike turns to pure outrage when Puck's cocoon 'chooses' Sabrina as his protector and not Moth, which is apparently something that happens between people in love and Moth believes that honour should have been hers. The fairy princess severely grates on Sabrina's nerves, as she constantly implies that there is something between Sabrina an Puck, with the Grimm denying everything vehemently. Moth eventually becomes jealous enough to poison Sabrina, believing her to be a threat to the non-existent relationship between her and Puck. The Trickster King pulls through, however, and frees himself of the cocoon as the effects of the poison start to show on Sabrina. Moth is eventually arrested and Sabrina and Puck's relationship begins to grow further, after the death of Oberon.

It is revealed in book 3, The Problem Child, that Sabrina has an addiction to magic. The addiction causes her extreme pleasure when she uses anything connected with magic, whilst Daphne on the other hand, turns out to be extremely good at magic. This addiction to magic leads to her being referred to as 'touched', meaning s

Sabrina wlding a wand

Sabrina, Daphne, and Uncle Jake. Example of Sabrina's magic addiction(using Uncle Jake's wand)

he can't use magic without feeling power-hungry in the process. She discovers her addiction in The Problem Child after she meets her uncle, Jake Grimm, who is also touched and obsessed with magic. Earlier in the book, she has a slight deterioration of mind thinking herself inferior to those who have magical powers (leading her to be envious of Puck). So when she meets her uncle, who introduces her to all the magical artefacts he has in the many pockets of his overcoat, she snatches the opportunity to embrace magic, believing it will make her powerful enough to get her family back together. When she uses magic, she has a look of fierce determination on her face, though Daphne describes her by saying, "you looked like you wanted to hurt someone." Eventually, by the end of the book, Sabrina realises that she is powerful, as she has a powerful family to support her. This is influenced by her watching the consequences of magic on her uncle, who sucks the power out of all the Everafters. When offered the chance to right the wrongs done in her life with the help of magic, she refuses, after Granny Relda says to think of the cost (all the Everafters are rapidly ageing due to their loss of powers and immortality). She wishes for her uncle to come to the same realisation that she has, eventually saving the day with her own brand of magic; love.

Future Self[]

One was tall and fierce with long blond hair and a deadly looking sword in her hands, as well as an array of weapons strapped around her waist and legs, including daggers, grenades and whips.
~ Description of Future Sabrina, from Magic and Other Misdemeanors

In book five , Sabrina and her sister accidentally travel fifteen years forward in time, where Ferryport Landing is in a state of war and the Scarlet Hand is at full strength.

Future Daphne and Sabrina

Future Daphne and Sabrina from Book 5

There, Sabrina meets her twenty-six-year-old future self, an extremely beautiful, blonde warrior. Future Sabrina Grimm looks a lot of Sabrina, except older. Future Sabrina is a very skilled warrior and has an array of weapons at her at all times, including a sword, daggers, grenades, and a whip. The future Grimm is also married to Puck, who grew to match her age because of love.

Sabrina is incredulous at the relationship between Future Puck and Sabrina, as they are happily married - something she can't ever see that Puck and her would be. This is evident when Future Puck wraps an arm around Future Sabrina's waist and also when he kisses her cheek swiftly. Future Sabrina in turn also seems to be openly romantic, as she grins bashfully when Younger Sabrina and Daphne realize she is married to Puck, and therefore mention it to her. She replies by saying "he gets a little less annoying when he gets older", to which Puck smilingly replies "But only a little." Their love is also evident when Younger Sabrina doesn't believe that the trio are who they say they are, saying that she knows they are joking because Everafters don't age, and Puck evidently has. Puck grins and shakes his head saying that's not true, explaining that most Everafters don't have a good enough reason to grow up, whilst he shares an affectionate look with Older Sabrina, causing her to grin bashfully. This shows that they are open and flamboyant about their relationship.

First Epilogue[]

An epilogue, set 13 years after the events of The Council of Mirrors, takes place at Sabrina's wedding. She is


Puck, making a surprise appearance at Sabrina's wedding to Bradley 13 years later

about to marry Bradley, her 'normal' fiancé. However, as she is getting ready for the wedding, it is evident that she is disappointed by Puck's absence, although she denies this when confronted by her sister. This is further reinforced when she looks around and feels (again) disappointed when she can't see Puck in the Wedding party, and even subconsciously gets her hopes up that he will say or do something to stop the wedding (shown when the Minister asks the crowd for any objections towards the marriage). But before Sabrina and Bradley can say "I do", Puck (now a man of 25) decides to drop in, greeting her with a line so typical of the Trickster King -  "Hello Stinky" - to which she can't help but grin. The fact that Puck greeted her with an insult and a wink, implies his love for her as the two quickly settle into their old patterns, even after a five year absence, whereas her love is shown by the fact that she can't help but grin as the fairy greets her unconventionally.

Second Epilogue[]

16 years later, Sabrina is sitting in her hammock in the back yard of her brownstone house, which she shares with her husband Puck, who she married, and their two daughters, Alison and Emma. Her age is unknown - had she been human, she (and Puck) would have been 42, but as she is an Everafter it is more than probable she halted her aging. It is revealed that Puck and Sabrina chose not to tell their two daughters about the secret world of Everafters. The family also have two dogs, Bono and Edge, both of whom Sabrina says are in need of a bath. She writes in her journal that she loves her back garden, as it's a place where she can forget about her worries and that she is the mother of two lovely, but extremely difficult girls. It is implied that she still is a fairy-tale defense attorney, as she writes how much she enjoys being able to get away from all the formalities by retreating and relaxing in her back garden.

She is also shown to be in contact with Red and Mr. Canis who have recommended yoga for her stress, which she would like to try out someday. She has also maintained a close relationship with her sister and brother, both of whom she writes fondly about in her journal. She goes on to write about marriage and love, writing "love doesn't allow you to make plans", and just as she is about to write about Puck, she is cut off by her eldest daughter, Alison screaming. She responds quickly by wrenching the dagger that was stuck to the underside of the table and running up the stairs towards her daughter, saying how she had "seen their threats" and she wouldn't let them hurt her family. This implies that there is yet again some Scarlet Hand activity, or activity by a group similar to the Scarlet Hand.

She runs to find her youngest daughter, Emma, standing outside the door of her sister's bedroom, trying to coax her to come out. After hearing her daughter sob, Sabrina destroys the lock and pushes open the door, only to find Alison crying as two pink wings start to appear out of her back. She tries to soothe Alison, who screams that she will not calm down as she is turning into a bug. Sabrina then tries to placate her daughter, saying that her father will be able to tell her what she is when he comes home from the castle, to which Emma and Alison scream "the castle", thus showing they didn't know that Puck worked in a castle. Sabrina eventually lets slip that they are fairy princesses, to which Emma responds to eagerly, whilst Alison again starts sobbing. The series ends with Sabrina beginning to explain to her daughters about both their fairy heritage and the Grimm legacy with the final words "Have you head of the Brothers Grimm?"


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The name Sabrina has two cultural origins; in Arabic, the name means 'patience' derived from the word 'Sabr' and its Celtic origin refers a mythological princess who was drowned in a river, and then later went on to live in the river as a spirit.


If you haven't noticed I don't have any magical powers. I'm not an Everafter. I'm just a girl from New York City.
~ Sabrina , from The Inside Story

Girls, I need to tell you some things about our family. Have you ever heard of the Brothers Grimm?

~ Sabrina to Alison and Emma, from Council of Mirrors

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