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Little Red Riding Hood
Species: Everafter
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood
Relda Grimm (adopted grandmother)
Mr. Canis (adopted father)
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Green
Aliases: Red
Status: Alive
Appearances: "The Unusual Suspects"
"The Problem Child"
"Tales from the Hood"
"The Everafter War"
"The Council of Mirrors"

Little Red Riding Hood is an Everafter that lives in Ferryport Landing. Red was introduced in the series in book 3 as an evil - and seriously deranged - member of the Scarlet Hand, but became a more important character in book 6. Granny Relda adopted her into the family.

Later, she took on the spirit of the Big Bad Wolf to help destroy Atticus.


Red Riding Hood, also known as Red, is described as being around the same age as Daphne in "The Unusual Suspects". This probably means Red was about seven years old. She was clinically insane until the insanity was literally blown out of her and bottled up by the North Wind. She is described having auburn locks that fall to her shoulders, and wears a red shirt and hand-me-down jeans.

Book 3: The Problem Child[]

Red Riding Hood made her official entrance into the series in "The Problem Child", as she was the problem child and was mentioned in the cliffhanger in the previous book, "The Unusual Suspects". Sabrina found Red Riding Hood inside an old asylum in Ferryport Landing with her kidnapped, sleeping parents. Red Riding Hood was mentally challenged at the time and was working with the deadly Jabberwocky. Sabrina and Puck escaped the asylum and reunited with the Grimm family. Then, a mysterious man, who turns out to be Jacob Grimm, showed up and told the family more about Red Riding Hood. He revealed that Red had lost her family in the past, referring to the murders of the Big Bad Wolf in the famous fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Mad with grief, Red would kidnap people to try to reenact her dead family. Her "house" type game included Sabrina's parents and the deadly Jabberwocky, who Red would treat like a cat. Red was also in possession of Sabrina's baby brother, though the Grimm family was not aware of this yet until the "The Everafter War". Jacob also reveals that the Jabberwocky is the only thing that makes Red a real threat. The Grimms hunt for the Vorpal Blade, the only thing that can destroy a Jabberwocky. Once the Jabberwocky is destroyed, Red revealed that she was not, in fact, the Master of the Scarlet Hand when saying "the Master will be mad" if she gave Henry and Veronica Grimm back to the Grimms. Nevertheless, Sabrina and Daphne get their parents back from Red Riding Hood and then leave Ferryport Landing to save Puck, who lost his wings fighting the Jabberwocky. This ends the third book. 

In the sixth book, more is revealed about Red Riding Hood’s past. As believed by everyone else at the time, the story went that Red witnessed and survived the Big Bad Wolf’s murder of her own grandmother, which allegedly turned her insane. However, in the true version, Red was sent to her grandmother (a witch) and was placed in a cage, a scene misinterpreted by a nearby woodcutter Tobias Clay and his apprentice Hatchett. Clay rushed in to save her, but was unaware that her grandmother was trying to help her instead of harm her. This unfortunately resulted in the nearby locked up madness of a wolf to root itself into Clay, thus turning him into the Big Bad Wolf he is known as now. Hatchett rearranged the story in his version and pretended to be a woodcutter hero, although Red has never been the same since (having been further pushed down the road of insanity). Even after the Grimms discover Hatchett’s lie and that Canis was the real Woodcutter hero, it isn’t until later on that they discover Hatchett’s real version was flawed by one component: Red was already insane even before going to her grandmother’s house on that fateful day. In fact, she was insane the moment she was born. It is highly presumed that her family was up to their wits end with her madness and sent her to her grandmother in hopes of help. Once Red was “rescued,” Hatchett’s discovered her entire family was gone, and apparently correctly guessed that they abandoned her, since they were most likely unwilling to put up with the girl’s fragile mental state anymore.


Red and the North Wind

Red and the North Wind from the kazoo


In her deranged state, Red was described as dangerous, sadistic, and even murderous. In her early life she experienced her grandmother getting murdered, which probably drove her deeper into insanity. Detained in Ferryport Landing, Red often dreamed of a perfect family, complete with a granny, and liked to play "house" with people she kidnapped. She considered Henry and Veronica as her parents, Granny Relda as her grandmother, Basil as her little brother, Mr. Canis as her doggy, and the Jabberwocky as her kitty. She could get dangerous during one of her mood swings. It was at first thought that witnessing firsthand the murder of her grandmother is what drove her insane in the first place, but it was later revealed that she had been born with insanity, up to the point where her own family gave up on her and abandoned her.


When Red's mental state was cured by the North Wind, she was a completely different person. She became an extremely shy girl, often feeling as if she wasn't a part of the Grimm family, even though Relda invited her into the family. She was often jumpy and haunted by the memories of her "past life". She seems to be the only person Basil is comfortable around, because he's already familiar with her.

Connections to Traditional Fairy Tale "Red Riding Hood"[]

In the traditional Red Riding Hood story, the wolf is killed by a hunter, but in the Sisters Grimm version the wolf eats Red’s grandmother, who was trying to cure Red of her insanity after her family left her. A woodsman by the name of Howard Hatchett falsely claimed to have defeated the Wolf and rescued Red. Mr. Canis, whose body contains the spirit of the Wolf, is ashamed of what he did.


Sabrina Grimm[]

Red and Sabrina weren't exactly close at hand. Sabrina considered her a threat and was glad that Red was put under lock and key. When Red was 'cured', she moved into the Grimm house, but still Sabrina had kept her distance. During the 6th book, Red had slipped her hand into Sabrina's while the rest of the family was arguing, but Sabrina had quickly pulled away. Later in the book, Sabrina was convinced that Red could remember who the master was, but Red had claimed that she had no memory. In the 9th book, while planning Morgan Le Fay and Mr. Seven's wedding; Red had offered to brush Sabrina's hair, and after doing so, Sabrina had brushed her's. During the book, the two became closer friends, in the future, Sabrina had said that Red was as close as she was to Daphne.

Daphne Grimm[]

Red and Daphne weren't close either. Daphne had punched Red in the face after they had killed the Jabberwocky. When Red was invited into the Grimm house, Daphne had taken to her quickly, possibly to make Sabrina feel guilty for stealing the safety deposit key from her and lying about the weapon. Such reference was included when Daphne offered Red that when they had their own rooms, they could have a secret door into each other's rooms that only they knew about.

Mr. Canis[]

Red was also a burden on Canis due to her past on killing her grandmother. He had felt guilty because he believed the Big Bad Wolf was the reason she went insane because he had murdered her grandmother in front of her. During his trial, Red was fixed by the North Wind, and she had told the truth about what had happened the day her grandmother died. She explained that she had always been crazy and her grandmother tried to fix her by taking the madness out of her like she did on a test wolf, but Canis (a woodcutter) misinterpreted the scene, believing the old lady was trying to harm the girl and attempted to save her. Unfortunately, he released the madness of the wolf and became the Big Bad Wolf itself. Canis then had asked Relda to take Red into her home so she could have a family again. Later, he had showed Red meditation so that she could remember who the master was. Red had told Sabrina that she'd make Mr. Canis her father, and she cared about him. For his sake, she had taken the mason jar that held the Big Bad Wolf's spirit in it, and let it take over her so that Canis wouldn't have to deal with the demon. After becoming the wolf, Mr. Canis offered Red that he'd show her how to control it. The meditation had went well, and 13 years later, no one would have ever expected that she had a monster living inside her.

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