North Wind
North Wind
Owners: Red Riding Hood's Grandmother (former)
Big Bad Wolf (former)
Three Little Pigs (former)
Ferryport Landing Bank (former)
The Grimms
Fairy Tale: Various
Usage: Supernatural wind
Blow down large objects or buildings
Blow out evil spirits or insanity
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors (mentioned)
Tales From the Hood
The Council of Mirrors
The North Wind is a magical kazoo that creates a powerful wind when used. In addition to creating wind, it can be used to blow the insanity out of a person.

Fairy Tales and Mythology

The North Wind appears in numerous stories, usually as a personification. In Greek mythology, for instance, Boreas is the god of cold weather and the North Wind. More pertinent to The Sisters Grimm is the North Wind's presence in fairy tales. In "East of the Sun and West of the Moon," the North Wind helps the heroine get to the trolls holding her husband captive. The North Wind is also present in Oscar Wilde's story "The Selfish Giant," appearing as a grumpy old man stomping around the garden during winter. 

The Sisters Grimm

The North Wind is cited as the item that used by the Big Bad Wolf to huff and puff and blow houses down. He acquired this object from Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother, who was going to use it to cure the girl of her insanity. Many years later in Ferryport Landing, the kazoo is taken from the Wolf by the Three Little Pigs. They then turn its power on the Wolf. Because of this, the Wolf is put under the control of Mr. Canis, who was unknown until that time. Eventually, the kazoo is used to take the Wolf out of Mr. Canis, and Red is also cured of her insanity in the same way.