Neur Anfang

Wilhelm Grimm sails the Neuer Anfang into Ferryport Harbor.

The New Beginning, or Neuer Anfang in German, is one of the ships that originally brought the Everafters to America. It was brought and captained by Wilhelm Grimm and carried a majority of the Everafter immigrants, fleeing from persecution as they make their new home in Ferryport Landing - a small area of land that Wilhelm brought a few miles away from New York City. Most of the Everafter settled in Ferryport Landing, though others moved with the Faerie court and when to live in New York City with the Faerie.

The ship appears in Magic and Other Misdemeanors after Tom Baxter causes another tear in time, allowing the ship to manifest itself 200 years into the future. The Grimm Family work hard to return the ship back to it's time, as if the future and past versions of the same Everafter meet, it would be entirely disasterous and may alter the present.

Neur Anfang

First pages of the manifest of the Neuer Anfang.