Morgan le Fay
Morgan le Fay
Species: Everafter
Gender: Female
Fairy Tale: Legends of Arthur of Camelot
Mr. Seven (Husband)

Mordred le Fay (Son)

King Arthur (Brother)
Status: Alive
Morgan le Fay is an Everafter and was part of a coven of witches called the Three to keep the humans of Ferryport Landing nonethewiser of the existence of Everafters. She has a son named Mordred. She gets married to Mr. Seven in the Council of Mirrors, although he dies later in the book.


When Morgan was younger, she lived in Camelot, the kingdom of her younger brother, Arthur . Morgan and Merlin were Arthur's most trusted advisors. When Arthur got married to Lady Guinevere, Morgan was always there beside her brother. When war broke out in Germany ( see Sisters Grimm: Book 1), Morgan and Arthur boarded the 'New Beginning ' to escape capture.

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