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Jed Boarman
Police Officer
Former Architect
Species: Everafter
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Fairy Tale: The Three Little Pigs
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Unknown
Aliases: Boarman
Status: Alive

Jed Boarman is best known for being one of the Three Little Pigs; the other two are Ernest Hamstead and Alvin Swineheart. Boarman was the pig that made a house of brick. He is the former Deputy Sheriff of Ferryport Landing, New York, and was one of the four embers that made up Ferryport's police force.

Boarman and Swineheart being questioned by Bluebeard.

Boarman served as Deputy Sherrif while Ernest Hamstead was sheriff, and William Charming was Mayor. Shortly before Charming lost his re-election bid, Hamstead and Boarman were fired, as was Boarman's fellow deputy, Alvin Swineheart. After they got fired, Boarman and Swineheart started a construction company named after the two of them, but they cannot agree on whose name comes first when speaking about their company. Buildings they constructed included William Charming Elementary School and Fort Charming, both in Ferryport Landing.

While they worked in the police department, Hamstead, Boarman, and Swineheart were threatened to be fired by Mayor Charming, unless they defeated the Big Bad Wolf. Eventually, the three pigs worked together to get the North Wind from the Wolf, which leads to Tobias Clay, also known as Mr. Canis, being in control of the Wolf for the next fifteen years or so.

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