Invulnerability Stones
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Owners: Jacob Grimm II (known)
Usage: To protect the user/owner from everything and anything - making them almost indestructible
Status: Unknown
Appearances: The Everafter War
Invulnerability Stones are crystals that make the user invulnerable to things that would normally be fatal, such as a fire blast from a dragon. Jacob Grimm used an invulnerability stone against a dragon. He implies that there are more than one stone when saying, "I also have an invulnerability stone."

Book 7

In chapter five of book 7, Jacob Grimm uses an invulnerability stone against a dragon. He was initially going to use the Amulet of Roona, though his niece was accidentally in possession of it at the time. The dragon blasted fire at him and turned his body into a piece of charcoal. Sabrina and Daphne were sure that he was dead - until the charcoal revealed just to be an outer shell with Uncle Jake safe inside of it.


The invulnerability stone Jacob used was described as "a dark-green crystal" that glowed when in use. It is unknown whether different invulnerability stones are different colors.