Howard Hatchett is the woodsman from the story of Little Red Riding Hood. He claims to have defeated the Big Bad Wolf and by so doing saved Little Red Riding Hood.


A flyer for Hatchettland from A Very Grimm Guide

He runs an amusement park called Hatchettland, which is essentially a shrine to himself. The Grimms and Robin Hood visit Hatchettland to ask him about the details of the day that he supposedly defeated the Wolf so that they could use the information in Mr. Canis' trial. By transforming Puck into the Wolf using a fairy godmother wand, they find out that, in reality, Hatchett was not the hero he claimed to be; he confesses that Mr. Canis, who was previously known as Tobias Clay (the real heroic woodsman), had attempted to stop the woman that appeared to be an evil witch and accidentally caused the Big Bad Wolf to come into existance. Hatchett ran away and later claimed to be a hero. After Hatchett realizes he had been tricked, he refuses to testify. Luckily for the Grimms and Robin, they recorded the whole thing.

When Hatchett was previously in court during the trial, he mostly used his time on the stand to advertise Hatchettland.