Fort Charming
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Location: Ferryport Landing
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Residents: William Charming
The Grimm Family
Snow White
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors
The Everafter War
The Council of Mirrors
 Fort Charming is a fortress for an army against the Scarlet Hand . William Charming, who designed this fort based on an identical fort he saw in the future, initially named the fort "Camp Charming" as a safe haven for Everafter refugees. In Eventually, though, he encouraged these refugees to form an army, and the "camp" immediately turned into "Fort Charming".


The fortress is in the shape of a square. There were four tall towers in each corner of the compound, and each tower had a lookout and a water cannon. The walls are made of high logs. A large gate allowed people to enter the fort, and inside there were "a dozen tiny stone cabins, a small farm, a pen for cattle and chickens", and an obstacle course to train soldiers. There was a tent in the center of the camp.