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Forgetful Dust
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Owners: Everafters
Fairy Tale: Specific to the Sisters Grimm
Author: Michael Buckley
Usage: Used to make 'victims' susceptible to suggestion as their memory of certain events are erased.
Appearances: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

The Unusual Suspects
The Problem Child
Once Upon a Crime
Magic and Other Misdemeanors

Forgetful Dust is a thick, magical dust that produces amnesia for recent events on the person whom it has been used. The powder is one of the most prominent magical items in the series as it is used to keep the humans unaware of the existence of Everafters.

Upon seeing Forgetful Dust being used for the first time on Mr. Applebee, Sabrina compared it to the dust on the insides of a vaccum cleaner. During The Unusual Suspects, Forgetful Dust is used to make the security guard of the neighboring shops to Gepetto's toy store lose his memory of the Lilliputians, much to the annoyance of Sabrina, who then disapproved of magic being used to on humans.

Mayor Charming used the magical dust frequently, when any magical disturbance occurred inFerryport Landing, often dusting the entire town, as did the Grimms whenever they caused a scene to resolve the crimes. Mayor Heart didn't need to use the dust, as she had driven all of the humans out of the town. Relda Grimm also dusted the entire town after her youngest son brought down the barrier to free Goldilocks, resulting in the entire town forgetting Jacob Grimm II.

The Grimm and Hamelin houses are protected by enchantments that stops the inhabitants from feeling the effects of Forgetful Dust when it is scattered over the town. This resulted in Sabrina and Wendell Hamelin being the only ones in their grade (aside from Bella, Natalie and Toby) who remembered Mr. Grumpner.