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Ferryport Savings & Loan
Ferryport Savings and Loans
Location: Ferryport Landing
Age: 200 years (approx)
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Status: Destroyed
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors

The Former Ferryport Savings and Loans is Ferryport Landing's town bank, situated in the town centre downtown. It is close to the Town Square just off Main Street and neighbours The Ferryport Florist. Residents of the town are able to store and retrieve both their money and other valuable objects they may have in the establishment.

The bank first appears when Relda tells Sabrina and Daphne that she is going to the bank to sort out the money Mayor Heart has demanded as tax, in Magic and Other Misdemeanors. Whilst she is there, Sabrina and Daphne get sucked into a Time Tear that transports them 15 years into an alternate future; not knowing that they are in the future, they run to the bank to look for Relda, only to find that the bank is completely destroyed.

The bank also features in Tales from the Hood when Sabrina breaks into to retrieve the North Wind in an effort to overcome the Big Bad Wolf. The bank was then completely flattened.


In A Very Grimm Guide, the bank interestingly appears in its flattened state even though the town hasn't undergone the events of the Alternate Future.

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