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Ferryport Landing Elementary
FL Elementary School
Location: Ferryport Landing
Age: 200 years (approx)
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Status: Destroyed
Appearances: The Unusual Suspects

The Problem Child

 Ferryport Landing Elementary was a school that had students from kindergarten to sixth grade in the town of Ferryport Landing and near the Hudson River. From one of Basil Grimm's journal entries, it is discovered that the school was being constructed in April of 1957. The school enrolled humans as well as Everafters and thus had a few Everafter staff, such as the Pied Piper of Hamlin for a principal and Snow White as a teacher. However, after the school explodes in the end of "The Unusual Suspects", the new Ferryport Landing school is strictly for Everafters only, until "The Council of Mirrors", when it is opened up by the Queen of Hearts to everyone once again.

Although the school was designed to be an establishment for Everafters, it is much like any other regular school, with lockers, hallways, classrooms, a gym, a cafeteria, etc. It is situated near a forest and the Hudson River.

The Unusual Suspects[]

Sheepshank and Smirt

Minerva Smirt and the girls meeting with the Ferryport Landing Elementary school counselor in his office.

In the "The Unusual Suspects", Principal Hamelin and Rumpelstiltskin (both staff at the school) made a plan to burrow underground the school, where the barrier is weakest, and blast a hole through the barrier. The only flaw to this plan was the Hudson river - if someone tried to tunnel through it, they'd drown. To get around this problem, Hamelin had his army of miners to dig until they met the bedrock of the river, where Rumplestiltskin would use his explosive power to blast a path through it so they could quickly gain access to Bannerman's Island, where they would be free.

Known Staff Known      Students           
Rumpelstiltskin - guidance counselor (disguised as a human called Casper Sheepshank.) Sabrina Grimm
Principal Hamelin - principal. Daphne Grimm
Beauty - teacher. Toby Arachnid
Beast - teacher. Bella Amphibian
The Frog Prince - teacher. Natalie Beast
The Frog Princess - teacher. Wendell Hamelin
Spider - teacher. Puck
Miss Muffet aka Mrs. Arachnid - teacher. Henry Grimm (former)
Snow White - second-grade teacher Jacob Grimm (former)
Mr. Grumpner - sixth-grade teacher
Ms. Spangler - gym teacher
Charlie - janitor
The Queen of Hearts - sixth-grade teacher
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