Fairy Godmother Wand
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Owners: Mirror
Tony Fats
Bobby Screwball
Other Fairy Godmothers and Fairy Godfathers
Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Usage: Changes clothes or appearance
Status: Unknown
Appearances: The Fairy-Tale Detectives
Once Upon a Crime
Fairy godmother wands are the magic wands used by Fairy Godmothers and godfathers. The wands act as a conduit for their magical abilities as without them, they are incapable of wielding magic.

One of these wands was used to temporarily transform Daphne and Sabrina into Everafters (the Tin Woodsman and Momma Bear) so that they could get into Charming's ball, which was for Everafters only. The same wand was later used to transform Puck into the Big Bad Wolf to intimidate Howard Hatchett.