Location: New York
Fairy Tale: Appears in books to do with faries, fey, fae, and faeries, though not in the same context as it is used in The Sisters Grimm.
Residents: Puck (formerly)
Mother "Momma" Goose
Gingerbread Man
Bobby Screwball
Tony Fats
Appearances: Once Upon a Crime
The Kingdom of Faerie is the largest settlement of Everafters outside of Ferryport Landing. It is ruled by King Oberon and Queen Titania , and used to be the home of Puck. The fourth book takes place here. 


Faerie is located in New York City. It is magically hidden somewhere within Central Park, possibly below ground. 

The way to access the kingdom is to tell a knock-knock joke to the statue of Hans Christian Andersen.


When the Everafters came to America, many chose not to settle in Ferryport Landing. They instead founded Faerie. King Oberon and Queen Titania intended it to be a strong, powerful place that would be a safe haven for Everafters. Instead, the modern Faerie is a ramshackle place full of outcasts.

Despite this, Oberon dreamed of strengthening it. He and Cobweb had plans to expand, build schools, etc. Oberon also wanted his heir, Puck , to marry a Faerie princess, Moth , to show good morale for the subjects. Puck, not wanting this, ran away and settled in Ferryport Landing eleven years prior to the series' beginning. Since then, Faerie has continued to limp along. 

Among the Everafters that still live in Faerie are Mustardseed (Puck's brother), Mother "Momma" Goose, the Emperor (still no clothes), and the Gingerbread Man

Role in Books

At the end of the the third book, Puck's wings are ripped off by the Jabberwocky and it is announced that only Faerie magic can heal him. Granny Relda, Mr Canis, Hamstead, and the sisters Grimm take him there. 

The fourth book takes place entirely in New York City and Faerie. It is discovered that Veronica had been going to Faerie to help Everafters there without her husband's knowledge while the Grimms lived in New York City. She was well liked in the kingdom because of the help she was able to provide. 

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