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Everafter is a term referring to people who were documented by famous writers (such as William Shakespeare) throughout the course of history. It is used in place of fairytale creatures, characters, or people which the majority of the Everafter population consider to be demeaning, if not derogatory.

Often possessing magical qualities, Everafters do not age unless they choose to, the exception being Pinocchio, who cannot seem to age even though he wants to. They are also much harder to kill than a normal human; they heal from injuries more quickly, do not get sick, and many of them can use some form of magic.

Many Everafters live in Ferryport Landing though there is a significant population inhabiting Faerie in New York City. Whilst a large number live in America, Everafters are scattered all across the world, living amongst humans.


Throughout history, Everafters have lived amongst the human race peacefully, though tension between the two races began to slowly increase as humans started to develop preja udice against the cal beings.

The town was founded by Wilhelm Grimm in the early 1800s, where many of the Everafters fled to escape persecution from humans who were prejudiced against their differences. This is a 'mirror' of todays world and the persecution that is faced by different groups.  Eventually, the Everafters were trapped in that town, after Wilheml discovered a plan to overthrow the human inhabitants of Cold Springs, the town next to Ferryport Landing. He evnetually went to Baba Yaga asking for help, and she cast a spell over the town, building an invisible barrier round it, so Everafters couldn't get out. The barrier was put into place for 20 years, before Jake Grimm offered the Everafters a chance to get out, so long as they promised to help vanquish the Master.

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