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Species: Canis lupus familiaris
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Fairy Tale: None
Unnamed pup(s)
John (great-grandson)
Paul (great-grandson)
George (great-grandson)
Ringo (great-grandson)
Hair color: Tan
Eye color: Brown
Status: Deceased

Elvis is a lovable two-hundred pound Great Dane dog who is part of the Grimm Family. Elvis is very protective of the Grimms and loves to eat, but becomes very gassy when he eats sausages, resulting in the Grimms doing all they can to keep the Great Dane as far away from the food as possible. When Sabrina and Daphne Grimm visit the future, they meet Elvis's great-grandchildren: John, Paul, George, and Ringo - all sharing the same pop-icon themed names as their great-grandfather.

Elvis is shown to be highly intelligent for a dog, even going so far as to seem to understand the conversations going on in the room around him. He is also aware of his duties as a guard dog, with the Grimms often using him to sniff out danger and is an entusiastic member of the gang when they all go to solve adventures. Relda Grimm admires his energy and wishes she would be able to bottle it up as he is an overly happy dog who enjoys licking people's faces affectionately. Baba Yaga also identifies him as an animal who is capable of sensing magic in The Council of Mirrors, as she points out that he is familiar* with Daphne Grimm and her magic when she becomes a witch and joins the coven of three.

Elvis shares a good relationship with the Grimm family, particularly so with Daphne who treats him like an oversized baby. He in turn dotes on her, happy with the attention he gets from the younger Grimm. He also shares a good relationship with Relda Grimm who affectionately regards him as the only boyfriend she'll ever need.

A magical familiar is a animal that has an intimate and affectionate bond to a human. More than just a "pet," a familiar cannot be "owned"; rather, they are a consciousness in their own right and deserving of great respect. A witch or wizard would never really refer to a familiar as "my owl" or "my cat" as a mere possession. On the contrary, a familiar has its own name, personality, and independent desires and thoughts. (From Harry Potter Fanon Wiki)

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