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Drink Me
Drink me.jpg
Owners: Alice (formerly)


Fairy Tale: Alice's adventures in Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carrol
Usage: Shrinks the drinker
Status: Unknown
Appearances: The Unusual Suspects

The Drink Me drinks appeared in The Unsual Suspects of the series, in which Daphne, Sabrina, Wendell and Puck used to sneak into the boiler room of Ferryport Landing Elementary. The drink shrinks the drinker (and everything they're wearing or holding, for that matter) to a very small size. They were based on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures

in Wonderland, in which Alice drank the liquid of the same name. The more you drink, the smaller you shrink. Several juice boxes of Drink Me can be found in the Hall of Wonders's Pantry, in which it is stored in the old refrigerator there.


According to Lewis Carroll, the juice, which came in a bottle, shrank the drinker to several inches height. In comparison, in the Sisters Grimm series, Drink Me came in handy juice boxes, though this difference can be disregarded because most magical items in the Sisters Grimm became more modernized in appearance from their original fairy-tale counterparts.

The effects of Drink Me.

The juice inside each Drink Me box was quite fruity: "like pineapple and cherry pie at the same time," as Sabrina notes. Drinking the whole box resulted into being the height of "a quarter standing on its end." To grow back to your original size, Eat Me is needed.

See Eat Me for more details.