Cruel Crustacean
Executor for the The Little Mermaid (though unwittingly)
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Species: Crustacean
Status: Unknown
Appearances: The Problem Child
The Cruel Crustacean is a gigantic hermit crab that The Little Mermaid uses to execute those who she has become displeased with. The Crustacean uses its massive pincer-like legs to impale it's victims.

The Cruel Crustacean features in The Problem Child, where Sabrina, Daphne, and Jake are sent to be killed by the crab after Daphne, in a fit of excitement, lets slip that she has seen the film about the Little Mermaid, which upsets the Everafter as the prince didn't actually marry her; he left her for another woman, for which she is incredibly bitter. Due to this, she deeply resents Humans whom she refers to as 'topsiders', and they also receive the same fate as anyone else who angers her: being left to the Cruel Crustacean.