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Council of Mirrors
Council of Mirrors.png
Location: Hall of Wonders
Members: Donovan
Enemies: The Scarlet Hand
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Aims: To assist the Grimms in winning the Everafter War
Appearances: The Council of Mirrors

 The council of mirrors is a gathering of several magic mirrors created by Bunny Lancaster, the Wicked Queen. Their guardians possess various magical powers and knowledge, which they use to help Charming’s army fight the Scarlet Hand. Almost all of Bunny’s mirrors are members of the council, with the exception of those who have been killed or whose mirrors have been destroyed, like Harry, as well as Mirror, who leads the Scarlet Hand. 

Role in the Books

In the last book, the Grimms and their Everafter allies are fighting a war against the Scarlet Hand and Mirror. The council of mirrors provides advice.

They prophesy that the war will only be won if Sabrina learns to lead the army and Daphne becomes one of the Three.

Guardians of the Mirrors

  • Donovan, guardian of the Disco of Wonder, a 1970's-style nightclub.
  • Fanny, a roller-skating waitress. Guardian of the Diner of Wonders, a 1950's-style soda fountain.
  • Reggie, a happy-go-luck guy with a Jamaican accent and dreadlocks. Guardian of the Warehouse of Wonders, a storage space full of mysterious crates that used to belong to Bluebeard.
  • Titan, a Viking and guardian of a dungeon known as the Hall of Doom.

The Council room also contains twenty other mirrors, but those are all dark and guardian-less. They belong to the mirrors that have gotten destroyed or lost over time.