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The town of Ferryport Landing is a town famous for its Everafter population. The town was founded by Wilhelm Grimm in the early 1800s, where many of the Everafters fled to escape persecution from Humans who were prejudiced against their differences. This is a 'mirror' of today's world and the persecution that is faced by different groups.  Eventually, the Everafters were trapped in that town, after Wilhem discovered a plan to overthrow the human inhabitants of nearby town Cold Spring. He evntually went to Baba Yaga for help, and she cast a spell over the town, building an invisible barrier around it, so Everafters couldn't get out. The barrier was put into place for 20 years, before Jake Grimm offered the Everafters a chance to get out, so long as they promised to help vanquish the Master.

Everafters friendly to the Grimms

Although many Everafters were resentful to the Grimms for keeping them trapped in the town, many made genuine friendships with the family. Others, however, were amicable at the very least. The inhabitants of Faerie were friendly with the Grimms, due to the impact that Veronica Grimm had on the Everafter community there. This led to her being unpopular with Titania and Oberon, but they were stil fairly civil with her.

The Scarlet Hand

There were many Everafters who deeply resented Wilhelm for their 'imprisonment' in the town. This number continued to grow as 200 years passed, with the angered Everafters blaming each new generation of Grimms, saying that they were trapped because of them.

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