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Everafters are the main inhabitants of Ferryport Landing . Everafters can also be known as "fairy-tale characters," though that is a ruder term to use. Everafters are immortal beings whose lives are recorded by authors such as the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, L. Frank Baum, Andrew Lang, Geoffery Chaucer, Shakespeare, Charles Perrault and many others. (See the Book of Everafter.) Though Everafters don't age, they can grow older if they have a reason to do so, and they can be killed, although it is more difficult to kill an Everafter than a human.

Many Everafters feel hatred towards humans because humans are the reason the Everafters must stay in hiding. However, some Everafters hold nothing against humans and accept that they are trapped in Ferryport Landing.

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