Buzzflower and Mallobarb
Sacred Grounds Owners
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Species: Fairy Godmothers
Gender: Female
Age: 100s of years old
Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty
Briar Rose - Goddaughter
Skin color: White
Hair color: Grey
Buzzflower and Mallobarb are the Fairy Godmothers of Briar Rose and are very protective of her, having kept her safe from witches and other kinds of dangers for years. They initially disapproved of Jake and have threatened him on multiple occasions, though are allies to the Grimm family on the whole.

They ran Sacred Grounds coffee shop with Briar and are not aligned with the Scarlet Hand. Buzzflower and Mallobarb were also part of the group who tried to wake up Veronica and Henry Grimm, but their tips on spells and potions were no use.

Buzzflower and Mallobarb soon accepted Jake, however, when they were attacked by a dragon and, in the battle, Briar was killed. They were also the first to join the fight against the Hand.

Unfortunately, Mallobarb was killed by an arrow and Buzzflower was left alone.


They are described as stout women with serious faces and grey hair. As Fairy Godmothers, they must carry wands around with them at all times in order to do magic.