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Book of Everafter
Owners: the Grimm family
Age: Unknown
Fairy Tale: None
Usage: A live history of all fairy-tales; they can be re-written if the book is entered
Appearances: "The Everafter War"
"The Inside Story"
"The Council of Mirrors"

The Book of Everafter is a magical artifact that features prominently in The Inside Story. This book contains every version of every fairy tale ever written, and allows a person to travel into those stories and live (or relive) through the events of that tale.

Book of Everafter

The book was created so that Everafters could temporarily be away from Ferryport Landing and relive their glory days. Eventually, an Everafter from the story of Snow White, who is said to have had a tragic ending in the original story, links the book to actual history, allowing those who enter the book to change the events of the past and give themselves a new ending.

After the magic of the book was altered, it was too dangerous and otherwise unpredictable to allow Everafters to enter the book. The task of making sure that the events of Everafter history remained unchanged was given to the Editor.

The inhabitants of the book are shown to be very concerned with keeping the events of the stories in line with what happened in the story the first time, mostly as a result of fear for the Editor. There are, however, some characters who have created a group known as the Character Liberation Army who are intent on escaping the Book of Everafter and living in the real world.

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