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Atticus Charming
Former heir to the Charming's kingdom
Species: Everafter
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Fairy Tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(within The Sisters Grimm canon)
Snow White (wife in alternate universe)
William Charming (brother)
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Red
Aliases: The Murderous Blood Prince
Status: Deceased
Appearances: "The Inside Story"

"The Council of Mirrors"

Atticus Charming, also known as the Murderous Blood Prince, is an Everafter of the Book of Everafter and is William Charming's older brother. It is stated in "The Council of Mirrors" that earlier in his life he married Snow White, and then he abused and killed her. He has long, red hair. It is said that he has the same nose and jaw as his brother but, because of his evil lifestyle, they do not make him look handsome and instead make him look cruel and sinister...


Atticus is the older brother of William Charming, but far more cruel and psychotic. As the heir to the throne of the kingdom where his parents ruled, he was married to Snow White and the two were intended to live a happy life together, but he abused Snow multiple times, horrifying Bunny Lancaster as she watched her daughter's life become more and more endangered. but the outcome she saw was Atticus killing Snow.

After losing the daughter she adored, Bunny flew into a rage and tried several times to edit their story. Bunny claimed that no matter how many times she tried to change Atticus' tale, he always became evil making the story end fatally for Snow each time. After many attempts, Bunny finally realized that not only was Atticus completely incapable of kindness, but her story lacked a villainous conflict, hence why all of her attempts to edit the story were in vain. To save Snow, she made herself the villain and edited Atticus out of it altogether, knowing that she could only trust herself with that job. This led to all the associated Everafters forgetting about Atticus' existence, most notably leading to Snow forgetting that she was married to him and to William forgetting he had an older brother. Charming was furious that the evil queen made him what she wanted him to be.

As Sabrina, Daphne and Puck race through the Book of Everafter, all the stories they go through have something dark and sinister lurking in the shadows. This transpires to be Atticus who now has no home - and therefore no set story - due to Bunny erasing his story entirely.

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He is released from the book by Mirror, who uses Atticus to pillage and destroy everything that stands in his way. Atticus is nearly insane with his thirst for revenge and frequently bellows how he is going to kill his brother for taking what is rightfully his. After he kills Mr. Seven, Bunny reveals the truth about Atticus to William and Snow, with Sabrina, Puck, and Daphne's help. As William turns to alcohol to help cope with the startling revelations, he begins to question his existence and withdraws from the war effort, giving Atticus the chance to kidnap Snow. Many attempts on his life are made, but the armor that he wears is enchanted so he is practically invincible. However, the Big Bad Wolf, while possessing Red rips his armor off of him, allowing Snow to stab him fatally.

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