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Amulet of Roona
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Owners: Jacob Grimm II
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Author: Michael Buckley
Usage: To turn a dragon's fire into a cool summer breeze
Status: Lost
Appearances: The Everafter War

It's a black necklace with a silver crescent moon. The moon has a carving in it that looks like a puff of wind.
~ Jacob Grimm, from The Everafter War

The Amulet of Roona is a magical item in the possession of Jacob Grimm, amongst the many other magical objects he owns. It appears in The Everafter War when he was fighting a dragon along with his two nieces, Sabrina and Daphne, as the Amulet of Roona is known to turn a dragon's fire into "a cool summer breeze". Jacob was never able to use it because Daphne accidentally took the Amulet from one of his many pockets while he was unconscious.

The Amulet of Roona is not featured in any fairy tale, and is therefore solely part of The Sisters Grimm series.

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