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Alison Grimm
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Species: Everafter
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Puck (Father)
Sabrina Grimm (Mother)
Emma Grimm (Sister)
Henry Grimm (Grandfather)
Veronica Grimm (Grandmother)
Daphne Grimm (Aunt)
Basil Grimm Jr. Uncle)
Unnamed twin cousins
Relda Grimm † (Great-grandmother)
Basil Grimm † (Great-grandfather)
Jacob Grimm II (Great-uncle)
Red Riding Hood (Adopted aunt)
Titania (Grandmother)
Oberon † (Grandfather)
Mustardseed (Uncle)
Mr. Canis
Peter Grimm † (Great-Great Grandfather)
Alison Grimm I † (Great-Great Grandmother)
Chloe Grimm † (Great-Great Aunt)
Edwin Grimm † (Great-Great Uncle)
Matilda Grimm † (Great-Great Aunt)
Josef Grimm † (Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Anna Grimm † (Great-Great Grandmother)
Trixie Grimm † (Great-Great Aunt once removed)
Vesta Grimm † (Great-Great Aunt twice removed)
Spaulding Grimm † (Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Jane Ella Grimm † (Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother)
Douglas Grimm II † (Great-Great Uncle thrice removed)
Douglas Grimm I † (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Delores Grimm † (Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother)
Dessie Grimm † (Great Aunt four times removed)
Thomas Grimm † (Great-Great Uncle four times removed)
Wilhelm Grimm † (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather)
Henrietta Grimm †(Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother)
Jacob Grimm † (Great Uncle five times removed)
Skin color: White
Aliases: Allie
Status: Alive
Appearances: "The Council of Mirrors"

Alison "Allie" Grimm is an Everafter who is a member of the Grimm family. She is the eldest daughter and eldest child of Sabrina Grimm and Puck. Appearing in the second epilogue of The Council of Mirrors in her mother's journal entry, she is fourteen years old and is the elder sister of Emma Grimm whom she shares a tumultuous relationship with. She is affectionately referred to by the nickname 'Allie'.

N.B - it has not been canonically confirmed that Alison's last name is 'Grimm' or that her first name is spelled with one 'l', as opposed to the variant 'Allison'.


The Council of Mirrors

Sabrina's Journal

Sabrina writes of both of her daughters in her journal, reminiscing about a younger Alison who wasn't as stubborn, headstrong or rude as her now 14 year old daughter. Sabrina writes that since the advent of Alison's birthday 6 months ago, her eldest daughter often has mood-swings and is almost constantly embarrassed by her parents.

At the end of The Council of Mirrors, Alison is in hysterics because she discovers that she is growing large, pink fairy wings, just like those of her father. This leads to Sabrina first explaining the world of Everafters to her daughters, though Alison is much less enthusiastic about being a fairy princess than her younger sister, Emma. Although their fairy heritage is dominant, Alison and Emma don't seem to know about their father's role in the Everafter world as they are surprised when they learn that he works in a castle. Nonetheless, Alison is considerably unimpressed as Sabrina starts to explain about the history of the Grimm family as fairy-tale detectives.

It is also hinted that she may either have a crush on, or is dating a boy named Parker, because her younger sister was teasing her about it.


The name 'Alison' means 'of noble kind', 'noble' and 'truthful'. It is of Germanic or French origin, with the latter being the most correct. It is most likely that Michael Buckley named her after his wife and agent, Alison Fargis.

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